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Anti-Racism &
Equity Initiative

Anti-Racism Initiative

Led by expert facilitators of color, our Anti-Racism & Equity initiative supports individuals, communities, and organizations on their race equity journey through training, strategic consulting, and capacity building. We understand that diversity can be silent on the subjects of equity and inclusion. Hence our work is carried out through an anti-oppressive and equity lens.


Our training sessions provide meaningful learning and reflection opportunities for participants of all backgrounds and racial identities, including reflections on privilege and allyship. Past participants include community members, government agencies, faith-based organizations, and nonprofit organizations serving marginalized communities. Topics include the following:

  • Social construction of race or racial formation

  • Systems of racial inequity

  • White privilege & fragility

  • Microaggression

  • Allyship 

  • Healing and unlearning

  • Intersectionality 

  • Institutionalized racism 

  • Implicit bias


Success for every organization, including our own, rests on the ability to challenge internal and external systems of oppression and create spaces that enable everyone— regardless of their race and ability—to thrive. Hence we are committed to working with organizations and groups to help achieve their race equity goals. Through tailored engagements, we foster pathways that aim to shift internal culture while impacting both internal and external relationships sustainably. Our team is experienced in working closely with organizations and groups to facilitate conversations and design curriculums that address their unique needs and challenges. We see you and are ready to meet you where you are on your journey to becoming a more inclusive and anti-racist group/organization. 

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