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Slate Podcast Shoutout to DC Peace Team

Updated: Apr 24

Speaker D: And so recently, crime has been up in DC, where I live, like, a bunch of cities, not all, and it’s gone down in a bunch of cities, but it hasn’t gone down yet in DC, particularly homicides, and instead of just feeling sad and distressed about that, I tried to think, what job could I do?

Speaker D: Right.

Speaker D: There’s a lot I can’t do, but there’s this group called the DC Peace team, and they do active bystander intervention trainings.

Speaker D: So I went to one last weekend, and it was really, really helpful.

Speaker D: This particular one was on how to intervene when you think there might be mental health issues going on.

Speaker D: And again, this is a huge topic that you could spend a lifetime trying to sort out, but just having a couple ideas of how to think about it made it feel like 2% less overwhelming and just opened up some possibilities.

Speaker D: So, yeah, that one really stuck with me.


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